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You got questions on what, when, where, why and how? Look below and find the answers.


You got questions on what, when, where, why and how? Look below and find the answers.

Caricature Related Questions

Which style should I go with? There's so many to choose from!

The easiest way to decide on an art style is to naturally go with the style you like the most. If it turns out that you like many of the art styles, then our suggestion to you is to select the one you would hate to miss out on.

Failing that, you can always try flipping a coin 🙂

Why do you have so many different art styles?

I wanted to create an art service that allowed anyone to purchase art, no matter what budget they are working with.

So to achieve this I created various art styles, each distinguished by time and detail. The more time it takes to create, the more it will cost, but fortunately there is an option here for everyone.

Are you really based in Australia?

Yes we sure are, Perth to to be exact, and thanks to the internet we are able to deliver artwork Australia wide and beyond 🙂

It costs how much? No way art is worth that much!

We have different styles to cater to different needs so there is likely a style that suits your budget more than others.

We believe that the right price is based on the skill of the artist, time spent to produce the work and what the patron is willing to pay for the art. 

What if I don't like the artwork?

If you don’t like the sketch you receive even after we have made changes to the sketch according to your needs, we’ll happily give you your money back.

We do this because we want every customer to be satisfied and happy with the caricature we create for them.

What if it doesn’t look like the person?

We will work on the sketch until you can be certain that it does look like the person, and if we still haven’t nailed the likeness at that point, we’ll give you your money back.

We are here to make artwork you will cherish forever, and our guarantee is our commitment to your satisfaction.

How long does it take to create a Caricature?

Generally we will deliver the artwork within 3-5 days of starting, or by the designated due date (yes we can deliver faster if required).

What if I don't get the caricature in time?

We guarantee you’ll receive your art by the due date (pending changes) or the artwork is free.

I have an idea of what I want but not sure if it can be drawn

Talk to us, we’ve been doing this for a long time, whatever idea you have, we can make it work.

What are the pros and cons of the A3 Print Option?
The A3 Print Option – Pros

  • This is a completely done for you service. You order the caricature, I create it, print it and ship it to you, reducing the time and hassle of you printing the artwork yourself.

The A3 Print Option – Cons

  • Although I send the artwork registered and express, I have had occasions where the artwork still does not arrive on time. This is only the case when the deadline is incredibly tight e.g 5 days. So I complete the artwork on Tuesday, ship it on Wednesday to be delivered for Friday, but something delays it, and instead of arriving on Friday, it arrives on the following Monday. Shipping reliability is always 50/50
  • Because I only print at A3 size, you will only have the option for an A3 print. So if you wanted it bigger, or wanted it on canvas, or wanted it on a t shirt for a bucks weekend in Bali, then you miss out on those options.
  • The A3 print option costs more then the digital file option because, the print option requires covering the costs of printing and shipping, where as the digital file option does not include these costs
  • There is a considerable waiting time before you receive the printed artwork, unlike the digital file option which you receive within hours of me completing the artwork
What are the pros and cons of the Digital File Option?
The Digital File Option – Pros

  • Its cheaper than the A3 print option because you’re not paying for printing, shipping and handling.
  • Even though you will have to print it yourself at a cost, you will still save significantly more money because you are only paying for the printing. You are not charged for shipping or handling when you print the artwork yourself.
  • Because you have the digital file you can print it at any size on whatever material you want. You can print it at A2, on canvas, on a t-shirt for a bucks weekend or a banner for a homecoming party, your options are endless.
  • Because you chose the digital file option, you will also get tips from me on where and how to get it printed, so you save even more money (as I tell you the most cost effective place to get it printed in your area), and it will be identical to how I would print it as I tell you what paper to print it on and other tips that will make your experience an absolute breeze.

The Digital File Option – Cons

  • You will have to print it yourself, which depending on your personal opinion could be a downer, for most people however it’s a huge bonus, as it give them the flexibility and freedom to do what they want with the artwork.
Which option do most people choose - the A3 print option or the digital file option?
The vast majority of caricature I create are digital file option only. On the rare case it is an A3 print, it’s generally because the customer is based in a rural area and they do not have convenient access to Officeworks to print off their artwork, or their home printer just wont print the artwork to a quality standard.

I will also have customers order the digital file option because they want to get it printed on canvas, or the artwork will be printed on a t-shirt or some other physical product. I will also have caricatures ordered from overseas, so naturally the digital file option is the better choice.

Whether you decide on the A3 print option or the digital file option, there is no wrong choice, it’s simply a matter of what’s the most optimal choice for you.


If I get the digital file option, how do I print it?
Everyone who purchases this option receives extra information from me to help you get the best print possible! It will cover things like what paper to get it printed on, and where to get it printed, if you decide not to print it at home yourself.


Art Related Questions

How can you call digital art real art?

I can see how people would say that, but as an artist we know that this is simply not true. Think of it like this…

Digital art is a medium, just like pencils, paints and crayons are mediums. A pencil in the hand of someone who has no skill for art will not create an art piece as impressive as an artist would who uses that very same pencil.

The exact same thing can be said with digital art.

But instead of a pencil, we now use a stylus, and instead of paper, we now use iPads. Just because the medium has changed, it doesn’t make the person using that medium any less of an artist. We are simply changing from a traditional medium like pen and paper, to a digital medium, which believe it or not has been at the forefront of art, design and illustration for over 30 years now 🙂

In the future the medium will likely change again, and when it does, there will be artists right there using it, showing you and the world all the amazing art that can be made with it.

How can I tell if an artist has photo manipulated or traced the photos?
There are three key tells you can look out for to assess whether you are dealing with a real artist, or a ‘photobasher’.

  • The proportions of the persons face are an exact match to the photo e.g If you were to super impose your photo over the artwork the artist supplied and they match perfectly, then you are definitely not dealing with an artist – especially when it comes to a caricature. There should be some exaggeration in the features which would make this little test completely flop
  • The lighting and colours of your artwork are identical to the photo. This is a little harder to pick up on because some artists are very good at mimicking the colours in the artwork, to the colours in the photo reference, and colours don’t necessarily need to be exaggerated like the facial features do in order to make it a caricature. However, when you’ve seen as many caricatures as I have, you can tell almost immediately whether someone has created the colours from scratch, or if they have just used the photo reference, and manipulated it to appear as a photo, or colour picked from the photo to match the colours.
  • Just because its a big head on a little body, doesn’t make it a caricature. I see this a lot, ‘caricature artists’ will basically draw a portrait of the head (or trace it), and then put it on a little body, as though thats all that makes a caricature, which for anyone who does real caricature art knows thats not the case. And trust me, when you see a real caricature, compared to someone who just drew (or traced) a portrait, you will know the difference too

So there you have it – if you keep your eye out for these two tells, you will be able to tell the difference between something that poses as artwork, and something that actually is

Why are so many artists these days creating there artwork digitally?
To put it simply it comes down to two things, which benefit both the artist and the customer.

These two things are time and money.

Because a digital artist does not have to deal with the usual dilemmas of traditional medium, they save themselves a lot of time, which means two things for you. Firstly you get the artwork quicker, but most importantly it costs you less, because it takes the artist a lot less time to produce.

Let me explain.

As part of creating your caricature, and because I create them digitally, I can make adjustments to the artwork a lot quicker than if I were to create the artwork traditionally.

Not long ago I was working on a caricature that was eventually going to go onto stubby coolers as gifts for their wedding guests. So everything was going smoothly until right up to the end when the customer realised I drew some shoes on her she didn’t like (granted I didn’t really like them either) so she asked me to change them. She also asked if here checkered shirt could be changed from yellow to red.

Now if I had created this traditionally, after having inked and coloured it, I would have to either redo the entire artwork all over again or…actually thats exactly what I would have had to do because with traditional art, with real inks and markers, theres just no way to erase those marks. So if it were traditional art I would have had to tell the customer that the change was impossible at this stage.

Fortunately that wasn’t the case and after a short amount of time I was done with the amends and she was extremely happy for it.

Hopefully that example helps to explain the difference between why so many artists have now gone digital over traditional.

There are other reasons why artists prefer to go digital over traditional but those are the main ones. At the end of the day the computer is a tool no different to a brush. If you can only draw stick figures with pen and paper, you will only draw stick figures with a stylus and tablet.

An artist still needs to be skilled in draftsmanship, composition, light and colour and visual knowledge in order to produce work that is worthy of praise.

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