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About Us

Caricatures From Photos specialises in premium caricature art gifts!

My goal is to bring art back into your home that you will love and cherish. I accomplish this by creating artwork that is personalized, stylish and gob-smacking good!

Because my artwork is drawn by hand and finished digitally (its like drawing and painting on paper but using a computer tablet instead) I’m able to provide affordable rates for a top quality product that rivals traditional illustrative artworks.

So when you purchase a caricature from me for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, farewell or any other event, you can be rest assured knowing that what you will soon hold in your hands is an exclusive one of a kind art piece you will be absolutely proud to hang on your wall.

I cannot wait to paint your face 🙂

Hi my name is Kodi Sketches and i’m an Australian Based Caricature Artist.

Like most artists I am self taught and the skills I have developed throughout my lifetime, have been used in various professional industries, the majority of which being web design and digital marketing.

When i’m not working I like to spend my time illustrating various things from stories to ideas and as you might have guessed – caricatures.

I had always been interested in caricature art, and as an artist, what fascinated me most about the art form, was how it could exaggerate the face, sometimes to extremes, but still somehow maintain the persons likeness.

Growing up I would always attempt to draw caricatures of friends and family, but every time I tried, I was unsuccessful. It was a funny looking portrait for sure, but it never looked like the person I wanted it to look like.

It wasn’t until around 2007 when I started seeing extremely well done caricatures, so good in fact that they looked like actual photos, that I decided to try my hand at the art of caricature once more.

Spending many hours trying to figure out how to exaggerate the face without losing the likeness became a puzzle for me that I just had to solve. 

It wasn’t until months later where I felt like I finally cracked it that I started to feel confident enough to share my work with others.

As always, I was quite nervous putting my work out there but fortunately it was well received. I got a lot of compliments on how great they looked, and it wasn’t long before I was receiving requests to do caricatures of them (friends and family on Facebook that is).

So from there, I started to get the idea of creating caricature portraits for other people. So in 2012, thanks to my web design background, It was a relatively simple step to get the website up and running, and fortunately it’s been up and running ever since, thanks to you fine folks who continue to find joy in the artwork that I produce.

Thank you for your continued support in allowing me to create wonderful artworks for you, which I hope to continue doing for a very, very long time.


Some things about me that are completely irrelevant to art:

  • I saw Cowspiracy in January 2016 and was convinced veganism was the only way to eat, until 5 months later I caved because I got bored of eating the same thing everyday (my diet now consists of only 1/3 animal products and I feel much better as a result)
  • in 2013 I ran in pretty much every mud run that came to Perth (it was super popular back then) The Stampede, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and a few others, which I did in order to more or less practice for the big one at the end of the year – the 20km Tough Mudder. A week before the event I did a trial run on a different course feeling as fit as ever until I got overly cocky on one obstacle and broke my left ankle in 3 places as a result. Needless to say I don’t do that sorta thing anymore.
  • In 2007 I moved to Brisbane without much of a plan except to get work as an artist and after a month of finding nothing I ended up taking a night job cleaning commercial flight cabins. It was there that I discovered Emirates first class has a golden toilet (fortunately I never had to clean the toilets because I was the vacuum guy, but seriously a golden toilet?)