Last month I was contacted by Kate to create a special gift for her fathers birthday. Her idea was to capture all the grand kids enjoying ice cream together. It’s one of their favourite activities they enjoy together each week, sitting down on the couch and getting into a cone of ice cream.

When Kate explained this to me I thought to myself “yeah this could be fun”, and so I initially imagined the kids sitting on the couch together, with their cone of ice cream in hand, and being very well behaved while they enjoy the moment together.

But then as I began to work on it I thought “well this is a caricature, why not amp it up a bit”. So I decided to get rid of the couch and have them surrounded by massive serves of ice cream instead, while they eat the ice cream as messily as possible.

When I finished the piece it made me laugh and thats typically all I need to approve sending it off to the client. In saying that I was a little nervous sending it to Kate, because I was unsure if she would appreciate my interpretation of the brief.

Fortunately she replied with the following:

“Are you serious!! Amazing. Love it…you’re a talented human. We love it and i’m sure my Dad will flip when he see’s it”

I wish I was there to see her Father flip.