I used to love collecting NBA Trading Cards back in the day. It was a pretty common collectible back then in the early 90s, around the time when Basketball was really taking off in Perth, especially thanks to the success of Perth’s almighty NBL team, the Perth Wildcats.

Every kid had a basketball in their hand, boys and girls were playing the sport, which was great because you didn’t have to go far to find enough mates to play a game, after school, on weekends, during lunch, man, back then it just felt like basketball was life.

If you weren’t playing basketball, you were watching basketball, or one of the many VHS basketball compilations that were popular back then, my favourite ones being the top dunks of the season and anything related to his Airness. But if theres one thing that I probably spent way too much pocket money on (besides dropping 40 cents to play arcade machines) it was buying NBA trading card packs.


The obsession was real – every weekend i’d managed to get enough money to buy a packet or two of the NBA hoops trading cards. There were 15 in a pack (no bubble gum) and you would tear that sucker open hoping to find the cards you needed to complete your set, including the most important cards of all, the Gold Cards.

Those gold cards were so rare anytime you came across one was a moment to celebrate, especially if it was the Jordan gold cards.

Ahh good times.

This card collecting obsession went on for a few years for me but eventually I gave it up because I just could not keep up with it anymore, or my brother for that matter.

My brother built up a pretty decent collection and gradually changed his collecting strategy to focus less on collecting every card for that season, and focussing more on collecting cards specific to the player, that player of course being Michael Jordan. I’m not really sure what happened to his collection but if he’s still got it i’d love to look back at it.


As you can see I loved collecting those cards, and it is with that love in mind that I decided to create a couple of my own.

But why start with the Perth Wildcats?

Having started my card collecting obsession back when the family had just moved to Perth in 88, when the Perth Wildcats was full of colourful characters like the Alabama Slammer James Crawford, Cal Bruton, Eric “Watto” Waterson and Ricky ‘Amazing’ Grace to name a few. I figured it only made sense to start with the Perth Wildcats to set this series off.

Plus they are the best damn team in the league!

Below you will see a breakdown of the steps and stages I took to creating this first of what I hope will be, an ongoing series of artwork.




If you happen to like this artwork enough to want a copy of it, just contact me on my Facebook page, and same goes for if you are interested in getting a caricature for yourself!