What caricaturist could resist the face of Pablo Escobar?

I became a big fan of this Netflix hit series during its first season run, with it’s gritty depiction of one of the most notorious drug lords the world has ever seen – Pablo Escobar.

Now that i’ve completed an epic 10 episode marathon of season 2 I thought the only way to top things off was to grab that mean mug, actor Wagner Moura portrayed so well when you knew that “s*** was about to hit the fan” and turn it into a nasty old caricature.

I won’t go through the details of how I went from blank screen to completed caricature, because it’s mostly similar to the process I covered in an earlier blog post over here, but I will cover a few of the differences between this caricature and those of the past.

This caricature was a bit of a style experiment for me, I wanted to play around with cross hatching to see how it would look, if I liked it and more importantly, if it was fun to work with.

For the most part I am reasonably happy with the end result, but If I were to work on it again, I think I would have attempted to be a bit lighter with the cross hatching in some areas, because I feel that its just way too heavy in certain areas of the face, particularly on his left. The thing was though, I was enjoying doing the cross hatching so much that I felt like I could do no wrong and just went for it. Well at least i’ll be aware of it for my next cross hatching attempt.

If you look a bit closer you can probably notice I started doing it with the colours as well, and I think in some areas the effect looks nice, but in others its just a little too crazy town for me, which i’ll adjust for next time.

Beyond the cross hatching theres only one other real difference in this piece compared to other pieces i’ve worked on.

I won’t go into detail about it now because the thing is, even though you are looking at it, you won’t even recognise the difference in my process unless I explain it to you. And I think the best way to explain it is if you just watch me do it. So stay tuned because in my next experiment i’m going to screen record this new process so you can see it for yourself.

Doing screen recordings has been an important goal for me and now that i’ve found some software i’m confident in I can finally start doing them.

Alright thats it from me, thanks again for checking out my work and if you’re a fan please follow me on Facebook and Instagram, i’ve just started these accounts so every follow I receive is hugely appreciated!

OK talk soon.