Here’s the fourth Perth digital caricature sketch for you guys to check out!

In this video you will see me draw this caricature in about 5 minutes. The video was sped up a little bit ( I wish I could draw that fast!) because even though it was only 5 minutes long without being edited, who’s really got 5 minutes these days – am I right? aaaam IIIIII ROOOOOITE!

What I enjoyed about this caricature in particular is that Josh is a caricature artist himself! I still have no idea how he discovered me but i’m glad I had the opportunity to draw him.

If you love Aussie Rules (AFL) you should check out his work. He is a very talented caricaturist who specializes in illustrating AFL players in a super fun and cool way. Check out his instagram over here, and be sure to grab a print or two from his Drawing Footy Etsy Website.

Anyways enjoy watching the video, and if you want to get a FREE caricature of yourself make sure to follow me on Instagram for future updates.