Excited to share this with you guys, the first of many Free Digital Caricature Sketches I will be doing over the next 2 weeks.

In this video you will see me draw this caricature in about 5 minutes. The video was sped up a little bit ( I wish I could draw that fast!) and the music was supplied by the person who i’m actually doing the caricature of! So if you like the song you can check out more on his band page Nautical Mile. I don’t usually listen to this sort of music but I thought it was a perfect fit for the caricature.

Anyways enjoy watching the video, and if you want to get a FREE caricature of yourself make sure to follow me on Instagram for future updates.

P.S Topher paid a couple bucks to get it coloured too, which I think was a good choice because how good does it look now!