Every time I complete a caricature the immediate feedback is all love. Customers reply with how much the artwork makes them laugh, and how accurate it is to the person being caricatured.

I get these kinds of responses all the time, which I always appreciate, but kinda leaves me out of the response I cherish the most.

And that response is seeing the look on a persons face when they actually receive the caricature.

You see, by the time I’ve sent the caricature off, and the client has expressed their appreciation for the impressive job that i’ve done – that’s usually the end of the relationship.

Theres no follow up to see how it went when they gifted the artwork to the person it was intended for.But thankfully this time was different.

Back in August during my Europe holiday with the wife and fam, Jocelyn had contacted me to create a thank you caricature gift for their coach.

With the Coach’s help, their under 14s Soccer Team won the league cup, a big achievement worth celebrating, and no doubt worth caricaturing too!

So over a few emails we managed to come up with an idea for the caricature which not only celebrated their victory, but also the coach and all his quirky talents and interests, of which there were many!

And to me, the more talents and interests they have, the more outrageous and awesome the caricature has the potential to become!

The Coach is a big book worm, he loves Sci Fi, especially Star Trek, plays the drums, and managed to break his leg on more than one occasion (something which I can relate to unfortunately).

so with my quirky vision, I went to work and created this masterpiece:


Yeah like I said – the more outrageous it is, the better!

So as you can expect, the client loved it, and as you can see from the picture above of the coach actually receiving the artwork, he loved it too!

“Seamus and the boys were completely over the moon with the caricature. I have had many ask where I had it done so have passed on your contact details. Again thank you very much and will be in touch again soon”

Getting paid to draw funny picture of people is great, but comments like that are really what make producing this work worthwhile.

If you would like to grab a caricature for a special someone in your life, to help them celebrate an achievement or just to say thanks, contact me today via Facebook (emails not really working too well at the moment) so I can create something awesome for you too!

Even if you don’t live in Perth but are looking for a caricature, or even if you’re not in Australia for that matter, if you like my work, hit me up and we’ll make it happen.